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An Aboriginal Mosaic

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Several posts ago I spoke of Aboriginal Art — my affinity for this seemingly primitive work. I have yet to determine if it’s because Australia is my birthplace or that this art is wonderfully expressive with simple lines. It’s amazing how a few shapes and repeated patterns and cultural symbols can tell a complete story. So here runs my tiled river with the various hues of blue dictating rivers and banks and unchartered waters.


Bath Salts for Au Naturel Soap Company

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Once we determined the brand for Au Naturel Soap Company, the other labels fell into place. I picked up some design elements — wavy lines, bubbles — from the soap labels and created a Bath Salt Label for Au Naturel Soap Company. I wanted a fresh, tropical inspired palette — blues, soft sea green, aqua — to carry the theme of water and a refreshing, clean feel. We actually had beautiful shells to draw from that the client picked up scuba diving. The pattern was just funky enough and supported the star fish shape. I introduced a warm coral color for the text, BATH SALTS, to grab the eye. It was important we highlight the product being all natural, and I introduced a casual handwritten font to balance the traditional Mrs. Eaves (used in product name). The ingredients are listed on the reverse side of the tag along with contact information. Attached is the final tag on the product for Au Naturel that I designed, along with other labels.


The Mermaid Finds Her Place On Packaging

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Once the logo was completed for Au Naturel Soap Company, I began with ideas for Dawna’s primary product — handmade, 100% all-natural soap. These soaps are fragrant, cleansing, sudsy, moisturizing….and made by the client with almost food-grade ingredients. We wanted the labels to be vibrant, appealing, artisan-like, colorful. I played around with pattern, texture, repetition, line, etc. The final label resulted in a consistent look for the face of the label with linen fabric with a gradient to match the specific color of the soap, bordered by waves — large and small on either side in complementing colors — plus name and description of the product (the client and I were inspired by musical artists). And of course bubbles. The full product line — 12 bars — reflect a range of colors from cool to warm hues. These initial design decisions led to additional labels for Au Naturel’s other products. The size of the label was designed to wrap around both the large and mini travel bars. The client is happy; a designer’s dream project.


old label for soaps